Sejal Amin(Chief Financial Officer)

Sejal Amin has learned to manage and lead through hard work and perseverance. She grew up in a hospitality family, living at a hotel and often helping clean and rent rooms. She appreciated the fact that the business supported her entire family and that everyone was required to contribute. After college, she continued to help the family, working at the front desk whenever possible. She also worked as a teacher, realizing that she enjoyed working with children and developing other’s skills. Hard work was the norm in Sejal’s world.

After marrying Bhupen Amin, Sejal took on an ever-growing role at Lotus Hotels. As the company expanded, so did her responsibilities. From housekeeping to operations to financial management, Sejal learned and adapted to the changing needs of the company. As the organization’s accounting and finance needs became more crucial, Sejal took on the role of Chief Financial Officer. She managed all of the company’s bank accounts, vendor relationships, accounts payable and financial reporting. Sejal continues to oversee the company’s finances, but now has a dedicated team of professionals to assist her. She manages the group and helps ensure that the company remains financially balanced, respected and secure.